Z Shape Buckets Conveyor/Elevator


1.8L Bucket Elevator


The equipment is widely used in where multi-point feeding and discharging is needed. Usually it works together with weighing & packaging machines and color selecting machines on automatic production line.


  • LP-ZC-1.0L-SS304/Paint Carbon Steel
  • LP-ZC-1.8L-SS304/Paint Carbon Steel
  • LP-ZC-3.6L-SS304/Paint Carbon Steel


304 Stainless Steel Construction or Paint Carbon Steel

Power Supply

Single Phase/220VAC/50HZ


EU Plug


Can be With different Height

Can be Made with Carbon Steel

Can be Full Customer Made

Can be Three Phase/380VAC

Can be 60HZ

Can be US Plug/ Australia Plug/ UK Plug/EU Plug

Can be with Multi-Point Feeding for many Weighers

Turn-key Solutions
Best Solution for you

We can offer you a turn-key solutions also. Contact us for a proposal.

Slope Conveyor

Acclivitous Conveyor/Inclined Conveyor

Inclined Conveyor

Output Conveyor

Finished Product Conveyor

Finished Product Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Good Solution for Low Height Factory

Cup Conveyor/Elevator

Good Solution for Low Height Factory

Other Conveyors

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