Auger Filler


Auger Filler


This machine is designed for dosing and filling fluidic or low-fluidity powder and granular materials, such as milk powder, protein powder, wheat flour, solid drink, condiment, granulated sugar, dextrose, powder additive, feedstuffs, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, dyestuff, and flavors.


304 Stainless Steel Construction


  • Quick-release hopper or split hopper could be cleaned up and maintenance easily without tools.
  • Servo motor drive screw with high accuracy.
  • Stainless steel structure with clear acrylic window.
  • The height of filling head can be adjusted by hand wheel to match different size containers.
  • Auger parts are replaceable for dosing various materials from superfine powder to granule.


Hopper25L/35L25L38L50L50L 65L
Dosing Weight1 ~ 200g1 ~ 200g1 ~ 200g10 ~ 2000g10 ~ 2000g10g ~ 5kg
1 ~ 500g1 ~ 500g
Accuracy<100g, <±2%;100 ~ 500g, <±1%
Speed40-120 Bag/Min
Power Supply3P AC208V ~ 415V 50/60Hz

Turn-key Solutions
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We not only offer the Auger Filler, we can offer you a turn-key solutions also. Contact us for a proposal.

Other Powder Solution

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