Auger & VFFS Powder Line

VFFS & Auger Filler


The system is good for weighing and packaging of flour, milk powder, cocoa powder, nutrition powder, and other type of powder into bags made from laminated film by VFFS.

Turn-key Solutions
We make it Working

We not only offer the Powder Packaging System, we can offer you a turn-key solutions for other products also. Contact us for a proposal.

Auger & DoyPack Pouch Machine Powder Line

Pre-Made Pouches
We Supply To You

When you use doypack machine, for sure you will have to order doypack bags and other type of pre-made pouches. We can offer it for you.

Auger & Mini DoyPack Machine Powder Line

Auger & Mini DoyPack Machine Powder Line

Other Solutions
We design for you

If you need any other type of machines in this projects, but they are not listed on our website. Or we do not produce, we can find it for you in China and delivery it to you with the same container of the machines.

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