Rotary DoyPack Packaging Machine



Use for differnt type of pre-made bags packing. The bag can be with zipper or without zipper. The bag type can be doypack bag with zipper, pre-made pillow bag, flat bottom bag, coffee bag.




Capacity(Pouches/Min)Depending on the selected model, different and different
Pouch styleStand up pouch,Flat pouch,PE pouch,Gusset pouch,Zipper pouch,Cooking pouch
Sealing MethodHeat seal
Applicable IndustrySuitable for seasoning, crystal msg, seed, sugar, chicken essence, salt, cereals, cereals, etc
Machine SizeL 4500*W 2500*H 3600 mm

Optional Device

Every Customer’s project is unique, Please contact with us for turn-key solution for you.

Other Model Of DoyPack Machine

We are not possible to list all products here, Other models or other type of packaging machine, please feel free to contact with us.

Pre-Made Pouches
We Supply To You

When you use doypack machine, for sure you will have to order doypack bags and other type of pre-made pouches. We can offer it for you.

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