Multihead Weighers

Standard Hopper Series

Bucket Size: 1.6L and 2.5L

Hope Numbers: 10 Head/11 Head/14 Head/20Head/32Head

The most popular model and basic model multihead weigher. The hopper size can be 1.6L or 2.5L

Multihead Weighers 조합식계량기 Mehrkopfwaagen

Mini Hopper Series

Bucket Size: 0.5L or 0.8L

Hope Numbers: 10 Head/11 Head/14 Head/20Head/32Head

Mini Multihead Weigher with 0.5L bucket size for small target weight and compact in size. With more compact space cost.


Big Hopper Series

Bucket Size:5.0L or 7.5L

Hope Numbers: 10 Head/14 Head

Big Hopper multihead weigher with 5.0l or 7.5L can handle big piece of products and bigger target weight.

Pesadoras Multicabezal

Custom-Made Model

We can custom-made the weighers for you base on your request. No limited size of bucket, no limited numbers of buckets, different type of linear vibration feeder, different height of the machines, different type of top cone. Full custom-made is possible. Please feel free to contact us.

Balança Dosadora de Multiplos Cabeçotes
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