VFFS/Vertical Packaging Machine


VFFS Qual Seal Bagger

Laminated Film Reel
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When you use a VFFS machine you will use the laminated film reel to make the bags also. We can supply you the laminated film reel and delivery it to you with the machines. This is good for testing the machine and save the cost for you.


It is suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as potato chips, crispy rice, snacks, nuts, dates, candy, pistachio, sugar, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, pet food, small wares, etc.

  • 1. Imported PLC control system with human-machine interface and easy operating visual touch screen.
  • 2. Servo film running system, pneumatic horizontal sealing control, precise positioning, excellent machine performance and nice packaging.
  • 3. Perfect automatic alarm and protection function to minimize the loss.
  • 4. Full packaging process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag forming and date printing in one automatic operation by the machine equipped with measurement device.
  • 5. Bag type: pillow bag, gusset bag and hole-punching bag.
  • 6. Maximize the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.


LP-V320 & LP-V420


304 Stainless Steel Construction Or Paint Carbon Steel


Max Speed80 Bag/Min
Bag Size50-200(L)*60-150(W)mm60-300(L)*60-200(W)mm
Bag TypePillow Bag, Gusset Bag, Hole Punching Bag
Film Width140-320mm140-420mm
Film Thickness0.04-0.09mm0.04-0.09mm
Pulling Belt TypeSingle BeltDual Belt
Air Consumption0.8Mps 0.25m³/min0.8Mps 0.5m³/min
Power Supply220V 50HZ/60HZ, 2.2KW220V 50HZ/60HZ, 2.2KW
Box Dimension1,115(L)*800(W)*1,370(H)mm1,530(L)*970(W)*1,600(H)mm
Machine Weight300kg450kg

Optional Device

Gusset device
Chain bag
Punching Device
Exhaust/Inflatalbe devices
PE Film Sealing
Static Eliminate Device
Horizontal Seal Cooling Blowing Device
Nitrogen Charging Device
Vibrating Device
Coffee Valve Applicator
Easy Tear Device
Bag Support Device
Evacuating Device
Film Automatic Adjust Device

Weighing Machines
We offer Whole System

We not only offer the packaging machine, we can offer you a turn-key solutions also. 

Other Model Of VFFS
LP-V520, LP-V620, LP-V730 & LP-V1000

We are not possible to list all products here, Other models or other type of packaging machine, please feel free to contact with us.

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